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BeagleBone Air (BB-Air)

BeagleBone Air is a BeagleBoard compatible IoT Gateway board. This board includes wireless comunnication modules(Wi-Fi, ZigBee and BLE).

1. BB-Air SPEC

◈ H/W Spec
  • Dim: 86.36 X 54.61 (mm)
  • CPU: Sitara AM3358BZCZ100 (1GHz, 2000MIPS)
  • Memory: 512 MB (DDR3 800MHz)
  • FlashROM: 4GB (8 bit eMMC on-board)
  • SD/MMC: microSD (3.3V)
  • Debugger: optional onboard 20-pin JTAG (serial header)
  • LAN: Ethernet 10/100M RJ45
  • Button: Power, Reset, Boot
  • Two expansion headers for 3rd-party CAPEs
  • Power input: 2mm 2 pin connector

BBA all info.png

  • PIN Information

BBA pin info.png BBA pin info1.png

◈ S/W Spec
  • OS: Linux (debian with kernel v.3.8.13 or higher)
  • All device drivers supported
  • BLE: GATT protocol
  • IoT SW platform
    • Sensor Domain Manager
    • IGoT micro webserver
    • Thing+ (optional)
  • Cross-compile Development Environment based on Eclipse (running on MS Windows)
  • IGoT Smart apps for Easy Connection (Android)

2. BB-Air Setup Guide

◈ Booting
  • Power supply
    • mini USB port
    • External 5V adapter (5V2A)
  • Login ID
    • Normal user: debian/nrmk2013
    • Super user: root/root
  • Pre-installed applications
    • /usr/bin/BBAirBLESetting: Wi-Fi setting service
    • /usr/bin/BBAir_Zigbee: Simple ZigBee UART terminal
    • /usr/bin/sbl_tool.bin: ZigBee firmware update tool
◈ Wi-Fi Setting

BBA Application.png

  • Setting procedure
    • Set certification number: Left menu | Certification | Set
    • Certification number is the serial number found on the left side of the BBAir
    • If serial number were BBAir160110006 the certification number would be igot1601100060

BBA serial number.png

◈ Wi-Fi Setting Movie

◈ CC2531 ZiBee firmware updating and debugging
  • Firmware update
    • The ZigBee chip on BBAir is TI CC2531
    • Default firmware for BBAir’s ZigBee is TI’s Z-Stack Mesh, coordinator
    • User can update firmware via:
      • Bootloader using pre-installed sbl_tool.bin tool
      • CC Debugger
  • Firmware update: bootloader
    • Serial bootloader has been included in ZigBee chip
    • The sbl_tool.bin host tool is installed at /usr/bun/sbl_tool.bin
    • Usage: sudo sbl_tool.bin path/to/firmwarefile usb
      • path/tp/firmwarefile is the actual path to the firmware file saved on BBAir
  • ZigBee debugging
    • J1300 header on BBAir is for ZigBee and BLE debugging
    • CC2531 debugging lines: DD, DC, GND, RESETn
    • CC Debugger: Target voltage sense (2) must be connected to Vdd (9)

BBA Zigbee pin.png CCDebugger.png

  • ZigBee AT command list

BBA zigbee atcommandlist.png

  • BBAir ZigBee test
    • On BBAir, ZigBee chip is connected to system by USB port
    • The virtual CDC serial port is found at /dev/ttyACM0
    • The pre-installed BBAir_Zigbee tool acts as a serial terminal which connect to ZigBee via /dev/ttyACM0 port
    • Start BBAir_ZigBee:
      • sudo BBAir_Zigbee
      • Type “+++” + ENTER to enter setup mode.
      • Type “atif” + ENTER to see coordinator information (like MAC address)
      • Type “atex” + ENTER to go back communication mode

BBA zigbee consoleTEST.png