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IGoT(Internet Gateway of Things)

IGoT® (Internet Gateway of Things) is an open-platform based gateway designed for IoT (Internet of Things) middlewares.

It is composed of BeagleBone Black (TI’s open platform utilizing Sitata Cortex-8 ARM microprocessor running at 1GHz), a network cape (providing WCDMA, ZigBee and Bluetooth connection) and a sensor cape (interfacing sensors and actuators).

Users can easily setup IGoT and start custom personal IoT services. IGoT is a very powerful platform for Linux based IoT middlewares. By default it is powered by Thing+ (developed by Daliworks) to facilitate easy launching of IoT services. IGoT can interface sensors/actuators wirelessly by IGoT/WSN based on custom-designed ZigBee Pro module. Its low-power microprocessor provides communication protocols for universal sensor/actuators interface.


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