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NRMKPlatform is the SW platform for integrating hard realtime embedded control applications running on STEP platforms (developed by Neuromeka).

It works on STEP platforms (running Linux with Xenomai) for executing hard realtime control applications developed with NRMKFoundation. A number of STEP platforms are available from embedded micro-computers, e.g. BeagleBone Black, to very powerful PC platforms. To facilitate easier development on a variety of target platforms a set of development tools running on more familiar environment (such as Windows or Linux) are provided with NRMKPlatform. Developing, cross-compiling, execution as well as debugging realtime control applications running on remote STEP platforms can be done within NRMKPlatform.

NRMKPlatform (with Eclipse on Windows)

NRMKPlatform (with Eclipse on Windows)

NRMKPlatform consists of a powerful development tool chain for realtime control applications targeted to STEP platforms. If necessary users can develop control algorithms with NRMKFoundation SDK (providing realtime control and simulation library for robotic systems) and test control applications in a HILS (hardware-in-the-loop-simulation) fashion. When everything is setup, one can deploy NRMK/Target platforms for field applications.

NRMKPlatform consists of the following SW components:

  • Eclipse IDE with CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) (running in Windows)
    • Template projects for realtime control applications
    • GCC compiler for ARM and PC
    • Direct downloading/execution of control applications in STEP platforms
    • Online debugging via secure shell protocol (SSH) of control applications running in STEP platforms
  • Real-time kernel libraries
    • Xenomai realtime library
    • Eigen math library
  • STEP I/O libraries for accessing various I/O interfaces in STEP platforms
  • EtherCAT tools
    • IgH EtherCAT Master library (a.k.a. EtherLab)
    • EtherLab Domain Configuration Tool (currently in beta version)



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