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STEP is the name of series of product for hard realtime embedded Linux master controller. It is an acronym of Science and Technology Embedded Platform.

STEP platforms

Product base platform EtherCAT master CAN RS485 GPIO Ethernet IO
STEP/PC Intel ATOM (dual core) EtherLab 1 8 2 ports
STEP/BBB TI BeagleBone Black EtherLab* 2 1 30 1 port ADC(8ch)/DAC(2ch)/Encoder(2ch)/USART/SPI/I2C
STEP/iMX Freescale i.MX6 quad EtherLab 2 1 32 1 port RS232(2~5 ports)/RS232(1 port for console)
STEP/HPC Intel Haswell i5 Industrial motherboard EtherLab optional 2 8 1 port RS232( 4 ports)/LPT(1)/PCI(2)/Mini-PCIe(1)/mSATA(1)/PCIe X16(1)/PCIe X4(1)
  • Note that STP/BBB uses genuine Linux Ethernet driver for EtherCAT master, which means slower EtherCAT communication.
  • Upon special request Neuromeka can provide STEP platforms based on different base platforms, e.g. Intel I7 quad-core, Intel NUC, et al.

SW specification

component specification
OS Linux (Ubuntu 12.0.4 or above)
RTOS Xenomai
EtherCAT IgH EtherCAT master (a.k.a. Etherlab)
Development NRMKPlatform SDK
  • Note that all STEP platforms are supported by NRMKPlatform as well as NRMKFoundation. Users can develop an application once and deploy it to all platforms.


  • All STEP platforms are actually embedded with a runtime license and a license for NRMKPlatform.
  • NRMKFoundation is not included in the STEP platform packages. It should be purchased separately if you need.



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