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STEP/BBB is the ARM microcontroller based STEP platform particularly using BeagleBone Black.



  • The HW specification of the current STEP/BBB platform is:
component specification
CPU TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A8(Single core, 1GHz)
RAM 2GB (or 4GB) eMMC
Storage 8GB SD (Class 10)
Dimension 113X66X46(mm) (Excluding connectors)
  • The interface specification of the current STEP/PC is:
IO cape of of STEP/BBB

IO cape of of STEP/BBB

interface description
miniUSB Ethernet: statically configured (IP:
Ethernet Ethernet: dynamically configured (sharing with EtherCAT)
EtherCAT EtherCAT (using genuine Linux EtherCAT driver)
CAN 2 channels (at 1Mbps)
DIO 6X5 channels
ADC 8 channels (12 bit resolution)
DAC 2 channels
Encoder 2 channels (absolute or incremental)
USART 1 channels
SPI 1 channels
I2C 1 channels


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