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PuTTY (download) is Telnet and SSH client for Windows and Linux platforms. NRMKPlatform employs it to connect to STEP platforms within a host.

Logging on/off STEP platforms

  • Once the IP address of a STEP platform is known, one can connect to the platform using PuTTY. The following figure shows the setting when the IP address is (You had better save the setting for later connection.)

PuTTY for STEP/PC dynamically configured

  • After a while one can see the login window. By default STEP/PC provides one user account of id user and of password nrmk2013, whereas STEP/BBB's user account is debian with password nrmk2013. For both platforms the super user id is root with password root. You have to login as a user (not as a super user).
Logging in a STEP platform

Logging in a STEP platform

  • You can turn off or reboot the STEP platform by the command sudo poweroff or sudo reboot, respectively. If you are the super user (of id root) you can eliminate sudo.

Execution of applications

In Linux you can execute a binary in command-line console.

  • You can execute the binary HelloSTEP (in the above figure) by ./HelloSTEP. Remember that you have to prefix the parent folder with slash. If you are logged in as the user you have to type sudo ./HelloSTEP and provide the password, i.e. nrmk2013.
  • Once logged in as a user you may promote your account to the super user by the command su and provide the super user's password, i.e. root. Then you can execute binaries without sudo.

Some frequently used Linux commands

command argument meaning
ls List the entries in the current folder
cd path to the folder change directory
su promote to the super user. When asked, provide the password of the super user, i.e. root
sudo Linux command temporarily promote to the super user. When asked, provide the password of the user, i.e. nrmk2013
ps -A List all current processes.
pkill process name Terminate a process. ex) pkill HelloSTEP
poweroff Turn off the power
reboot Reboot
  • It is necessary to terminate a process manually using pkill, when it is not aborted normally. You can find the name of the process by command ps -A, which lists all running processes.