Connection to STEP/PC

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Turning on STEP/PC

  • STEP/PC has power button in the front. Push the button to turn on.
Front panels of STEP/PC

Front panels of STEP/PC

Connection to STEP/PC

  • Since there is no monitor connected, you can monitor STEP/PC by PuTTY.
  • STEP/PC has two Ethernet ports, i.e. LAN1 and LAN2, for connection with a host.
Back panels of STEP/PC

Back panels of STEP/PC

Connection by static IP (using LAN 2)

  • LAN 2 is configured to have the static IP of The STEP/PC connected by this port from a host can be accessed by this static IP, e.g. in PuTTY.


PuTTY for STEP/PC statically configured

Connection by DHCP (using LAN 1)

  • LAN 1 is configured to support DHCP. This is useful when you connect the STEP/PC to a hub where your host PC can find the STEP/PC, e.g. by Advanced IP Scanner(download). The name of STEP/PC is NRMKSTEP-PC. In the figure below you can see that one STEP/PC is connected and its IP address is A host can connect to the STEP/PC by this address, e.g. in PuTTY.


IP lookup by Advanced IP Scanner


PuTTY for STEP/PC dynamically configured