Connection to STEP/iMX

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Booting STEP/iMX

  • Connect USB-RS232 cable to COM1 port of STEP/iMX and plug usb terminal to the host PC. Wait for the host recognize the cable and show the COM port number, remember this this number (x)
  • Connect Ethernet port of STEP/iMX to host.
Back panels of STEP/iMX

Back panels of STEP/iMX

Turning on STEP/iMX

  • STEP/iMX does not has power button, in order to turn it one, connect 12V adapter head to the machine.

Connection to STEP/iMX

Connection by COM port console (using COM1)

  • Since there is no monitor connected, you can monitor STEP/iMX by PuTTY.
  • Run putty, choose Serial connection type, input the COMx as Serial line (x is the actual COM number of USB-RS232 cable on the host), tag any name for this connection, Save and Open the connection.
  • Watch the booting process in putty terminal. Log in with id/password: ubuntu/nrmk2013 or root/root
Putty com

PuTTY setting for STEP/iMX COM console

Connection by Ethernet static IP

  • Ethernet port is configured to have the static IP of
  • Configure the Ethernet port of host as static IP with same IP range

Configure the host Ethernet

  • The STEP/iMX connected by this port from a host can be accessed by this static IP, e.g. in PuTTY.

PuTTY for STEP/iMX statically configured Ethernet

  • Check the connection by ping command in putty: ping

Check the lan connection