Couldn't build projects in Eclipse

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Error: Program "i686-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc/g++" is not found in PATH

This error occurs when the 'PATH' environment variable is not correctly set. In order to solve this problem:

  • Right-click on the project in 'Project Explorer', select 'C/C++ Build/Environment' and check the 'PATH' variable.
  • If it is not in the variable list, click on the 'Add...' button to add a new varaible with 'PATH' as name and '${CYGWIN_HOME}\bin' as value.
  • If the 'PATH' variable has already existed, double-click on its name and change the value to '${CYGWIN_HOME}\bin'
Set PATH environment variable

Set PATH environment variable

Error: cygwin tool-chain that is unsupported on this system

This error occurs when Cygwin tool was not installed properly. In order to solve this problem:

  • Host PC must have internet connection before following these steps.
  • Install the 'setup-x86.exe' Cygwin installation file which can be found in 'neuromeka\NRMKPlatformPC\drivers' installation directory or downloaded directly from
  • While installing Cygwin, when you are asked for 'Choose a Download Source', select 'Install from Internet'
  • 'Select Root Install Directory': use 'C:\cygwin' for root.
Select cygwin installation directory

Cygwin installation directory

  • 'Select Local Package Directory': use any directory for downloaded file, for example 'C:\Temp'.
  • 'Select Your Internet Connection': choose 'Direct Connection'.
  • 'Choose A Download Site': select a mirror cygwin site, for exmaple 'http://download.nus/'
  • 'Select Package': this step let you select the package to install with cygwin. For your purpose, the gcc development tool-chain is necessary. In the 'Search' box, type 'gcc' and select 'gcc-core', 'gcc-g++' in 'Devel' category to be installed.
Select gcc
Select gcc-core, gcc-g++ packages
  • Repeat above step to select 'binutils' and 'make' packages
Select binutils and make packages
  • Click 'Next' button for several times to proceed installation. This may some minutes depend on your PC and internet connection. Wait until the installation finish.
  • Close and re-launch Eclipse. Try to build any project.