Debugging an RT application

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Remote applications running on remote STEP platforms can be debugged directly inside Eclipse.

Preparation for debugging an RT application

  • First, you have to build the project in Debug mode.
Building a Debug project

Building a Debug project

  • Next, the proper Debug Configurations should be created by duplicating a template Debug Configuration, e.g. XenomaiTest Debug.
Debuggin a project

Debugging a project

Debugging an RT application in Eclipse

  • When you click Debug button in Debug Configurations dialog, Eclipse turns into Debug perspective automatically while the program is hold at the first statement of the main routine.
Debugging in Eclipse

Debugging a project in Eclipse

  • Now you can control program execution by Function keys: F5, F6, F7, F8.
Function key Action Visual Studio equivalent
F5 Step into the function F11
F6 Step over the function F10
F7 Step outside the current function SHIFT + F11
F8 Continue till next break point F5

Eclipse keys are arranged in the order how far the program could be executed. For example, F5 continues to nearest, while F8 can continues to farthest.

  • You can set the breakpoint at any places you want. Right-click any line numbers and select Toggle Breakpoint.
Toggling a breakpoint

Toggling a breakpoint

Pausing at a breakpoint in Eclipse

Pausing at a breakpoint in Eclipse

  • After the application is terminated, one can return to the default C/C++ perspective by Open Perspective tool bar.
Returning to the default C/C++ perspective

Returning to the default C/C++ perspective