IAQ Setting Application (Eng)

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Igot iaq app eng 001.png

  • Setting the IAQ WiFi information
- If you press 'M' button on the back of IAQ over 6 seconds, it's changed to setting mode.
- Transmit WiFi infomation(ssid & password) to IAQ.
- When IAQ finishes setting, it give back IP value.
- It attempts to connecting to IAQ using IP value.

Igot iaq app eng 002.png

  • IAQ data viewer
- If socket connection success, it move to data viewer.
- Application requests sensor data every 1 second.
- IAQ offers Temperature/ Humidity/ CO2/ PM2.5/ TVOC.
- Lower UI functions
- Setting button : Move to IAQ setting page
- Power button : User can connect/disconnect communication.
- Time setting button : User can set time of IAQ device.
- IGoT communication : Connect to IGoT.

Igot iaq app eng 003.png

  • Setting time of IAQ
- User can set hour(0~23)/ minute(0~59) of IAQ device.

Igot iaq app eng 004 new.png

  • Setting the certification number of IGoT
- It's bluetooth list UI for IGoT authentication.
- In case of Unauthenticated device, serial number input popup is show automatically. ('menu' in left top -> 'Certification')
- After click 'QR Code' button, Scan QR Code that was attached to product case.
- Click 'Set' button.

Igot iaq app eng 005.png

  • Connecting to IGoT
- Select IGoT that want in bluetooth list, and click 'Connect' button.
- If you can't find it in list, move to closer position with IGoT, and click 'Scan' button again.

Igot iaq app eng 006.png

  • Complete to connection & Authorization
- User can use IGoT after finishing authorization process.
- IGoT data that is certificated finally is saved to smart device.
- When you run application, if saved IGoT device is searched in bluetooth list, it try to connect automatically.

Igot iaq app eng 007.png

  • Transmit IAQ IP value
- User can transmit IP value of IAQ device to connected IGoT.
- IGoT can receive data from IAQ directly.