IGoT Zigbee Setting Application (Eng)

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Igot zigbee app eng 001.png

  • Connecting to bluetooth module
- Connect bluetooth module to device that want zigbee setting.
- Click 'Connect' button after selecting the module that want in bluetooth list.
- If you can't find it in list, move to closer position with Bluetooth module, and click 'Scan' button again.

Igot zigbee app eng 002.png

  • Disabled state
- After Bluetooth connection, this application requests the current state of the device.
- If it’s disabled, user have to change the device to the active state.
- In case of IGoT multi tab : If you push the 2nd button long time, it will be changed to a active state.
- If it change to active state, this popup is disappeared.

Igot zigbee app eng 003.png

  • Communication mode
- Generally, the device is in the communication mode state for Zigbee communication.
- Click 'Setting mode' button.

Igot zigbee app eng 004.png

  • Setting mode
- In setting mode, user can change Zigbee setting value.
- In setting mode, user can use 'Information' & 'Scan' function.
- After changing to setting mode, it shows current information of device automatically.
- At the end of the device information, it can find the PAN-ID value of IGoT that connected.
- Click ‘Scan’ button.

Igot zigbee app eng 005.png

  • Connecting to IGoT
- 'Scan' function shows the PAN ID value of IGoT device that can be connected.
- Click 'Connect' after selecting PAN ID item of IGoT that want.

Igot zigbee app eng 006.png

  • Connection

Igot zigbee app eng 007.png

  • Check connection state of IGoT
- When IGoT connection is completed, it will show the information of updated device automatically.
- Check changed PAN ID value.

Igot zigbee app eng 008.png

  • Exit the setting mode
- When you have completed settings, you must always return to communication mode.

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