NRMKEtherCAT Configuration Tool - FAQ

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NRMKEtherCAT Configuration Tool - FAQ

1. [ASK] How to connect to a STEP device via Putty in host PC?

  • Every connection between host PC and STEP device is done via Ethernet. Therefore, the Ethernet IP address of STEP device is required.
  • In fact, there are two cases where STEP device obtains its own IP address: static IP or DHCP (dynamic IP).
    • In any STEP device, we set the IP of as default static IP address. Thus, in order for host PC to be able to connect to STEP device, the host's IP address should be
    • In case of DHCP, user can scan STEP device in the LAN using IPScanner.
  • Please refer to Connection to STEP/PC for more information.

2. [ASK] Where to find NRMKEcatService?

3. [ASK] What is user account in STEP device?

  • In every STEP device, we provide two account with different access permission.
  • user account for common operation
    • Username: user
    • Password: nrmk2013
  • root account for advanced operation which is related to system.
    • Username: root
    • Password: root
  • Note: All EtherCAT-related operations require root account.

4. [ERR] Communication from STEP platforms to the host is not established

  • When an RT control client is pending when it tries to connect to the host this is mainly caused by Window's firewall to protect unsecure communication from outside.
RT control client blocked by firewall

RT control client blocked by firewall

  • For proper working you have to turn off firewall as shown in the figure.
Turning off firewall

Turning off firewall

5. [ERR] Eclipse does not run due to some error in metadata

  • Sometimes Eclipse does not run due to unidentified error in .metadata. If this happens, a quick remedy is as follows:
    • First, delete the folder ./metadata in X:\Program Files (x86)\neuromeka\NRMKPlatformPC\example\workspace.
    • Second, reinstall NRMKPlatform setup.

6. [ERR] Eclipse: Program "i686-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc/g++" is not found in PATH

  • This error occurs when the 'PATH' environment variable is not correctly set. In order to solve this problem:
    • Right-click on the project in 'Project Explorer', select 'C/C++ Build/Environment' and check the 'PATH' variable.
    • If it is not in the variable list, click on the 'Add...' button to add a new varaible with 'PATH' as name and '${CYGWIN_HOME}\bin' as value.
    • If the 'PATH' variable has already existed, double-click on its name and change the value to '${CYGWIN_HOME}\bin'
Set PATH environment variable

Set PATH environment variable


7. [ERR] Eclise: cygwin tool-chain that is unsupported on this system

  • This error occurs when Cygwin tool was not installed properly. In order to solve this problem:
    • Host PC must have internet connection before following these steps.
    • Install the 'setup-x86.exe' Cygwin installation file which can be found in 'neuromeka\NRMKPlatformPC\drivers' installation directory or downloaded directly from
    • While installing Cygwin, when you are asked for 'Choose a Download Source', select 'Install from Internet'
    • 'Select Root Install Directory': use 'C:\cygwin' for root.
      Select cygwin installation directory
      Cygwin installation directory
    • 'Select Local Package Directory': use any directory for downloaded file, for example 'C:\Temp'.
    • 'Select Your Internet Connection': choose 'Direct Connection'.
    • 'Choose A Download Site': select a mirror cygwin site, for exmaple 'http://download.nus/'
    • 'Select Package': this step let you select the package to install with cygwin. For your purpose, the gcc development tool-chain is necessary. In the 'Search' box, type 'gcc' and select 'gcc-core', 'gcc-g++' in 'Devel' category to be installed.
      Select gcc
      Select gcc-core, gcc-g++ packages
    • Repeat above step to select 'binutils' and 'make' packages
      Select binutils and make packages
    • Click 'Next' button for several times to proceed installation. This may some minutes depend on your PC and internet connection. Wait until the installation finish.
    • Close and re-launch Eclipse. Try to build any project.