NRMKFoundation Setup

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NRMKFoundation Setup


  • MS Visual Studio should be preinstalled. Preferred (and tested) versions are VS 2010 and 2012. (VS 2008 also works.) Every patch should be installed.

STEP 1: Install NRMKFoundation

  • Run SetupNRMKFoundation_v1.XX.YY_b20YYMMDD.exe (in CD’s setup folder) to install NRMKFoundation.
  • Note) If possible, prefer to install it on non-OS drives, e.g. D:\Program Files (x86)\Neuromeka\NRMKFoundation.

STEP 2: Install Data Scope

  • In case Adobe AIR is not installed in your PC, download from and install it or execute AdobeAIRInstaller.exe in CD’s 3rdparty folder.
  • Run NRMKDataScope_v1.XX.YY.ZZ.air (in CD’s setup folder) to install Data Scope.
  • Note) It should be installed in the same parent folder where NRMKFoundation has been installed, e.g. D:\Program Files (x86)\neuromeka.

STEP 3: Execute NRMKLauncher

  • Execute NRMKLauncher where you can access almost every feature of NRMKFoundation with this.

STEP 4: Follow Getting Started with NRMKFoundation

  • Clicking NRMKFoundation in Documents category in NRMKLauncher you can read this guide.
  • You have to follow this guide.