NRMKPlatform for STEP/PC Setup

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NRMKPlatform for STEP/PC Setup


STEP 1: Install NRMKPlatform for STEP/PC

  • Run SetupNRMKPlatformPC_v1.XX.YY_b20YYMMDD.exe (in CD’s setup folder) to install NRMKPlatform for STEP/PC.

STEP 2: Install NRMKEcatTool

  • Run SetupNRMKEcatTool_v1.XX.YY_b20YYMMDD.exe (in CD’s setup folder) to install NRMKEcatTool for STEP/PC.
  • Currently, it is in beta version.

STEP 3: Connection to a Host

  • Connect STEP/PC in LAN2 (not LAN1) (statically configured to have the IP address with the host PC by accompanied Ethernet cable.
  • Set the IP address of your host PC statically to have
  • Turn on the power of STEP/PC and wait for a while.
  • Run PuTTY and set in Host Name (or IP address). Click Open.
  • Enter user for id and nrmk2013 for password. Then you can login to STEP/PC.
  • If you want to power off you have to type sudo poweroff and enter password nrmk2013.
  • You may need to turn off firewall security in your host PC.

STEP 4: Follow Getting Started with NRMKFoundation

  • Follow Getting Started with NRMKPlatform for STEP/PC by clicking NRMKPlatform in Documents category in NRMKLauncher.