NRMK Data Scope for desktop (Eng)

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NRMK Data Scope for desktop

NRMK Data Scope is

- application for generating chart for data signal.
- was developed based on Adobe AIR SDK.
- possible to customize the test environment to meet the needs of the user.
- Must be installed to Adobe AIR runtime that have been downloaded from "" on the user PC.

Data Packet

- Data Scope supports to data communication through TCP/IP socket.
- Plot Data Server : Transfer the plot data in conjunction with the Data Scope.
- User can grasp packet structure and data communication procedure, and represent to Data Scope necessary data..

Data communication procedures


Initialization data packet


Plot data packet

Plotting Data

- Run Plot Data Server program.
- Run Data Scope.
- Click ‘connect’ button.
- Click ‘new’ button in socket list. -> Create new socket box.
- Click created socket box. -> Enter Toolkit Server IP & Port value. -> Click ‘connect’ button.
- Receive initialization data from Plot Data Server. If style file has not been applied,
vertical alignment chart of the number of channels is generated.
- Plot data sent in real time from Plot Data Server is drawn in graph.
- Click ‘disconnect’ button.
- Disconnect selected socket box. (‘diconn’ button). or Disconnect all sockets. (‘disconn all’ button)