Running a EtherCAT GUI Pendant (Eng)

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EtherCAT GUI Pendant Project

  • EtherCAT GUI Pendant Project Structure
- 'GUI Pendant' was made by Qt platform(C++).
- User can download installation file(Qt Creator) at
- Load "GUIPendantApp" project(neuromeka\NRMKPlatformPC\example\EtherCATGUIPendantApp) to Qt Creator.
- Project configuration is shown below.

Egui 004.png Egui 000.png

  • EtherCAT GUI Pendant UI Structure - mainwindow.ui
- Using *.ui file, user can make UI easily.
- 'mainwindow.ui' consists of Socket UI and defaul UI.

Egui 001.png

  • EtherCAT GUI Pendant - UI button setting
- User can set UI button input event in 'mainwindow.cpp'.
- User can also set Socket events.
- Each Objects is set up with handler function. When event happens, that function runs.

Egui 002.png

  • EtherCAT GUI Pendant - key functions
- connectToServer : It try socket communication using inputted IP & Port value. QTcpSocket class is used.
- dataReceive : It receive data from 'EtherCAT Client', and parse. 'EtherCAT GUI Pendant'. shows each axis's data in realtime.
- sendData : Transmit changed axis's setting value to 'EtherCAT Client'.

  • etc.
- 'EtherCAT GUI Pendant' and 'NRMK EtherCAT Configuration Tool' use same socket(6868).
- Since the data format is also same, user can test comparing them.

EtherCAT GUI Pendant Example

  • 1. Create EtherCAT Realtime Application
- Reference

  • 2. Run EtherCAT GUI Pendant Application

Egui 005.png

  • 3. Test
- 1) It is same way with 'NRMK EtherCAT Configuration Tool'.

Egui 003.jpg