Setting Cloud(ThingWorx)

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Setting Cloud(ThingWorx)

What is ThingWorx?

  • ThingWorx is a complete development platform for Internet of Things.
  • ThingWorx enables powerful, enterprise IoT solutions.

This guide is just a reference to The guide from ThingWorx is based on Raspberry Pi, but we can use BB Air instead. It is highly recommended for you to read thingworx raspberry pi quickstart carefully and thoroughly.

ThingWorx raspberry pi quickstart

thingworx raspberry pi quickstart consists of following steps.

  1. Overview
  2. Get Started
  3. Raspberry Pi Setup
    For BB Air
    ThingWorx recommends Debian 7.x version.
    Check for latest os image.
    And getting-started#update shows how to update os image of your BB Air.
  4. Install Node.js
    For BB Air
    ThingWorx recommends NodeJS version 0.12.06+. So if your NodeJS's version is lower than 0.12.06, installing newer version of NodeJS is recommended.
    1. Open a terminal window on the BeagleBone Air
    2. Create a temp directory, e.g. ~/nodejs
    3. $ mkdir ~/nodejs
    4. $ cd ~/nodejs
    5. Download the source using the source code link, e.g.:
      $ wget
    6. Unpack the source:
      $ tar zxvf node-v0.12.15.tar.gz
    7. $ cd node-v0.12.15
    8. $ ./configure --without-snapshot --prefix=/usr
    9. $ make
    10. $ make install
  5. Generate Application Key
  6. Model Remote Thing
  7. Configure Edge Agent
  8. Check Connectivity
  9. Create Data Model
  10. Create Application
  11. Launch Application
  12. Enhance(Optional)

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