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Iot - Thing +

1. What is Thing +?

◈ Thing + is a cloud service that lets you build your own IoT services.
◈ just joining the Thing + will make your own IoT services.
◈ you can easily build services using IoT Thing + and linked hardware products.
◈ offers cloud environments such as smart home, smart farm, smart energy utilization, etc.

2. Key Features

◈ dashboard decorating
◈ Create Rule
◈ Event Timeline
◈ list of sensors
◈ chart analysis

3. General Features Usage

◈ Dashboard
* A dashboard is a monitoring screen with various widgets.

3 dashboard.png

◈ widget

3 widget.png

* ① widget icon / name, ② Refresh, ③ set, ④ sensor values, ⑤ Sensor icon / name, ⑥ gateway, ⑦ Update Time

◈ Timeline
* The event generated by the user pre-set rules is displayed in the Event Timeline window. If you don't hanve rule, go to Rules preset settings and try setting the rules.

3 timeline.png

4. Gateway by list

3 viewgateway.png

* ① Gateway selection window: select when you want the gateway and sensors belonging to a particular site.
* ② Gateway Name
* ③ See detailed charts that gateway: Go to a page where you can view the detailed chart for all sensors attached to the gateway.
* ④ list of sensors that belong to the Gateway
* ⑤ recent value of the sensor
* ⑥ latest update time of the sensor: the sensor indicates the last update time. (Green: that the sensor is working well, red: a problem with the sensor)
* ⑦ last update time of the gateway

5. The sensor analyzes

* Sensor Analysis page is divided into charts and statistics.

3 sensorlist.png

6. Chart

3 analysis chart.png

* Provides a time series chart of the selected sensor. ① to analyze the sensor can determine the criteria to be selected as a gateway or tags. ② to analyze and select the sensor list, ④ You can set the time period. In the chart area offers ⑦ zoom in / out, ⑧ area, select / move, ⑨ features such as restoring to the initial status of the screen. ⑩You can download the sensor data with export feature.

7. Statistics

3 analysis statics.png

* Provides statistical information for the selected gateway. ② Select the desired gateway and press the Lookup button, you can receive statistical information. Multiple sensors ③ You can add query terms. ④ ⑤ you can change the query date (month / year).

8. Tag Management

3 m tag0.png

  • screen

3 m tag desc.png

* Choose tags
    • You can select a tag from the tag name in the top ①. When you select a tag appears on the screen, the sensor only belong to that tag.
- Tags List
    • You can see a list of each sensor tag ②.
    • In the tag list tag name ③, ④ ⑤ of sensor tags that belong to the gateway, ⑥ sensor type, ⑦ You can view the sensor name, ⑧ Sensor ID

9. Rules Management

* You can create and manage rules.

3 m rule0.png