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Update NRMK virtual machine

WARNING: this update may override the default example and template projects.

There are two methods to update the CAN modules for NRMK/Platform, ONLINE and OFFLINE.

ONLINE: use this method if your Virtual machine is connected to internet.

  • If you have the script file "online-nrmkupdate.sh", input the following command to the terminal:
chmod +x online-nrmkupdate.sh    
  • If you do not have any thing except the internet connection, type the following lines to terminal:
wget http://www.neuromeka.com/NRMKPlatform/VM/update/online-nrmkupdate.sh
chmod +x online-nrmkupdate.sh    

OFFLINE: in order to use this updating method, you must have the update package which includes 3 files:

  • If you have the script file "nrmkupdate.sh" saved in the same directory with update package (unless you should use the guide in 2.2 instead), input the following commands to the terminal:
chmod +x nrmkupdate.sh
  • If you do not have script file "nrmkupdate.sh", type the following lines to update (these are actually the content of "nrmkupdate.sh" script file):
tar -xjvf hw-update.tar.bz2 -C ~/dev/lib/
tar -xjvf NRMK-update.tar.bz2 -C ~/dev/lib/
tar -xjvf workspace-update.tar.bz2 -C ~/dev/